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Telemetriesystem für Mikrowellentransverter

Dorsten, 2008

24GHz - Transverter Mark III

Dorsten, 2013

Neuer 6cm - Transverter bei DL0GTH

 Dorsten, 2016

AirScout - Neue Software zur Aircraft-Scatter-Vorhersage

 Dorsten, 2014

Have a look at the map to find out our locations. They are near the geographic centre of Germany on the top of the Thuringian Forest and they are called "Schneekopf" ( 978m)  and "Wetzstein" (  792m).
In the past few years we are also using the QTH of the famous DKØNA team, called "Schwedenwache" (  693m) at the top of the Franconian Forest.


Maps Microsoft Encarta 2000

We are quiet a bit too far east to have one of the European top locations, but we have good populated areas in nearly all directions.


The main ( and best one ) is the "Schneekopf" mountain in JO50JP on the top of the Thuringian Forest near the city of Oberhof.

The "Schneekopf" : 978m a.s.l. JO50JP (c) Wikipedia / Von Arristokrates - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Although the "Schneekopf" is not the highest mountain of the Thuringian Forest its top is treeless and gives an excellent "Microwave - QTH". In former times the "Schneekopf" was occupied by the Soviet Army running a radar station there. In the late 90ties the mountain was re-naturated by the forest administration. See the transformer station providing good power , the lookout tower and the microwave tower carrying links mainly for TV networks and mobile communication.

Lying on the border to a "Biospheric Reservation" it is very difficult to get there by car with all the equipment. And we try hard to keep the influence to the environment as small as possible.

We are very happy to have long-term contacts to the local authorities "Thüringen Forst" and "LEG Thüringen" understanding our wishes. We are hopefully to get their OK for years.

Our traditional "Winter domicile" is the "Wetzstein" located on the south-east edge of the "Thuringian Forest" in JO50RK.

The "Wetzstein" : 792m a.s.l. JO50RK (c) Google Maps / Danny Zschach

When we start the contest season in March the road often looks like this...

On the top of the hill you can see the former military area, now leaseholded by the "OV Rennsteig". Although the trees are growing from year to year the rests of the old lattice masts give good antenna places even for SHF. The best thing is the road to which is in a good condition and which is kept cleared during the winter. The small building at the gate in front is managed by the "Thüringer-Wald-Verein" Lehesten. We are happy to have a first class accommodation there!

A few years ago we are started a very successful partnership with the team of DKØNA. They oparate from a 1st class equipped location called "Schwedenwache" at the edge of the "Franconian Forest".

Langenbach and "The Schwedenwache" : 693m a.s.l. JO50TI (c) Google Maps / Bernd Lang (modified by DL2ALF)
Original Photo:

Although the topography is not very promising we enjoy to be QRV from there with a minimum of preparation works and with finest microwave equipment made by DB6NT.




Unsere Sked - Politik

Die beste Möglichkeit, einen Sked mit DLØGTH auszumachen, ist online Aus folgenden Gründen macht es wenig Sinn, einen Sked vorher vereinbaren:

    - die exakte QRG hängt sehr stark von der QRM - Situation ab (sogar auf 23cm!)
    - die verfügbare Zeit hängt von der aktuellen QSO - Last der OPs und von anderen online ausgemachten Skeds ab
    - die aktuellen Wetterbedingungen, Probleme mit dem Equipment

Es gibt verschiedene Mögichkeiten, uns während des Contests zu erreichen:

1. Findet uns auf 70cm. Im Bereich von einigen 100km sollte das kein Problem sein. Dort könnt Ihr Skeds für die höheren Bänder ausmachen. Das Shack ist über Netzwerk mit dem Mikrowellenshack verbunden.
2. Den DX - Cluster beobachten. Dort könnt Ihr unsere aktuellen Sendefrequenzen herausbekommen. Gebt "sh/dx dl0gth" ein, um alle unsere Spots anzuzeigen.
3. Ruft uns während des Contests auf dem Mobiltelefon an! Die Telefonnummer bekommt Ihr per e-mail von DL6AUI.
4. Der beste Weg: Wir sind die meiste Zeit des Contests online auf ON4KST. Geht zu und ruft dort den Mikrowellen - Chat auf.

Unsere QSL - Politik

DLØGTH schickt nicht automatisch QSL - Karten für jede Verbindung. Ihr könnt Eure QSL - Karten direkt oder via Büro senden. Alle eingehenden Karten werden von DL4ALI gemanagt. Jede Karte wird innerhalb eines Jahres beantwortet, bei Mehrfach - QSOS gibt es eine gemeinsame Karte.

Es ist nicht sichergestellt, dass QSL - Wünsche während des Contests auch bearbeitet werden. Die Gründe dafür sind eher technischer Art: Die Logging- Software erlaubt keine zusätzlichen Kommentare und ein Schmierzettel geht in der Regel während des Contests verloren. Schickt einfach Eure Karte und  Ihr bekommt die Antwort garantiert innerhalb eines Jahres! Das gleiche gilt für jeden Sonder - DOK, den wir über das Jahr vergeben.

Rückwirkend ab 2013 könnt Ihr eine einzelne QSL - Karte auch einfach direkt über e-mail bei DL4ALI anfragen!


Our sked policy

The best way to get a sked is to make it online. We do not favour skeds in advance due to the following reasons :

    - exact QRG very depends on the QRM - situation ( even on 23cm! )
    - exact time depends on the QSO load of the OPs and on the incoming online skeds
    - current weather conditions, equipment problems etc.

There are several ways to reach us during the contest :

1. Find us on 70cm. This should be no problem within a range of some 100km. You can manage skeds there for upper frequencies. The shack is cross connected to the microwave shack. via network.
2. Monitor the DX-Cluster. You can find our last recent TX -frequencies there. Try "sh/dx dl0gth" to get all our spots.
3. Call us during the contest via mobile phone! Please send e-mail to DL6AUI to get the telephone number.
4. The best way: We are connected to ON4KST - Chat most of the time. Try and enter the microwave chat.


Our QSL policy

DLØGTH does not send QSL cards for each QSO automatically. Please send your QSL via bureau or direct. All incoming cards are managed by DL4ALI. Each is card is answered within one year. You will get a common card in case of multiple QSOs.

QSL requests during the contests are not guaranteed to be processed. The reasons for this are mainly technical : the logging software does not support any additional comment and a sheet of paper is quickly lost during the contest. So send in your card and you will get the answer guaranteed. Same procedure for any S-DOK provided during the year.

Starting from 2013 you can get a single QSL on e-mail request to DL4ALI.


Current Team Members (click on the link for contact):

Sebastian DG5CST   Roland DK4RC   Frank DL1WA
Jens DL2AKT   Frank DL2ALF   Oliver, DL2ARD
Norbert DL3ANK   Hartmut DL6AUI      


Current Guest Operators (click on the link for contact):

Alex DH1NAX   Matthias DK5NJ    Alex
Max DN4MAX            


 And lots of helping hands not mentioned here (tnx!)

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